Series 2

Africa CDC


2.1 Updates on the Epidemiology and transmission 
3 June 2020


  • Chain of transmission
  • Updates on transmission dynamics, clinical features
  • Convening an IPC team to respond to COVID. 
  • Conducting audits and needs assessments. 
  • How to identify a key priority within a health facility.

2.2 Environmental and Equipment Hygiene 
10 June 2020


  • Cleaning and disinfection of equipment. 
  • Rational for disinfection
  • Waste management during COVID-19
  • Spraying of humans, fogging tunnels
  • Re-use and decontamination 

2.3 IPC in the community
17 June 2020


  • Protecting family members during self isolation and homebased care for COVID case
  • Going back to work and school safely
  • What does screening mean
  • How to self isolate if no physical distancing is possible
  • Disinfection practices in the community: fears and facts

2.4 Personal Protective Equipment for COVID
24 June 2020


  • Role of each element of PPE. 
  • Relevant standards and specifications.
  • Techniques to minimise need for PPE using engineering and administrative controls. 
  • Understanding the Role of Cloth masks
  • PPE: Extended use, challenges and solutions

2.5 Handling dead bodies and burials during COVID-19
8 July 2020             


  • Protecting health workers during autopsy
  • Safe burials 
  • Protecting family members of the dead


2.6 COVID-19 and Transportation industry
15 July 2020


  • Airports, Airlines, Trains and Buses: interventions for safety