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Research ethics during epidemics - African CDC and PANDORA-ID NET WORKSHOP

Research ethics in outbreaks of emerging and re-emerging infectious diseases can be difficult to navigate especially in contexts where cultural values of patients and populations often differ, the practice of research is not well-established, and local governance of research is in its infancy or under-resourced. Designed specifically with first responders to outbreaks in mind, this workshop was sensitive to the practical constraints on managing outbreaks, what research activities could be feasible, and what responsibilities first responders might assume by being involved with such activities. While there are many international ethical codes of conduct from which to draw, this workshop brought together regional and local expertise in bioethics, social sciences, and one health researchers to share their reflections on how to integrate ethical research into outbreak responses in Africa and to share experiences of different stakeholders to help think through the key challenges for research in this environment. This group is for continuing the discussion, sharing relevant links and materials and meeting others from the workshop.